Early on, Cummins’ leaders understood that harnessing the power of diversity could set the company apart from its competitors.

That vision helped shape Cummins into what it is today: a company striving to be a place where employees feel safe and welcome to share their ideas and make innovation come alive.

The past 12 months included an increased focus on inclusion and embracing both visible and invisible diversity through a series of initiatives.


With diversity related issues taking center stage in news coverage around the world in 2015, Cummins joined the conversation through a series of focus groups, town halls, opinion pieces and other events to promote the company’s Diversity value.

When anti-Muslim rhetoric in world media increased, Cummins used the controversy to reinforce its commitment to diversity and inclusion. In June of 2015, Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger hosted a series of focus groups with Muslim employees to better understand the issues they faced and to learn what Cummins could do to create a more welcoming atmosphere both at work and in the communities in which employees live.

Linebarger encouraged all employees to reflect on their commitment as individuals to live Cummins’ values and create environments where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and be treated with dignity and respect.

He also wrote an opinion piece that appeared in several publications in the United States in January 2016.

“Discrimination and intolerance have no place in our company, in our communities or in our country,” he wrote. “Today, divisive rhetoric that isolates minority groups is undermining our ability to see the commonalities we share and inhibiting our efforts to improve our communities.

“It is wrong to use fear of those who are different to further enshrine discrimination against individuals for political purposes,” he added, citing not only anti-Muslim rhetoric but rhetoric targeting lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) individuals and African Americans.