Silva and his team worked with their local water department to create quality cisterns for collecting rainwater and informational pamphlets on how to do it safely.

Since 2009, water levels in Brazil’s reservoirs have dropped dramatically, causing residents to preserve rainwater for watering plants and other non-potable purposes in ways that led to an increase in dengue-fever mosquitos. To encourage proper water conservation, Cummins employees distributed 50 cisterns to families and educated 320 students at a nearby school.

“It’s being well used,” said Aparecido Saraiva, a local resident, when asked about his new cistern designed to keep insects out. “I was able to fill up four extra buckets.”

Households were similarly engaged in Pune, India, where Cummins employees continued their 2011 project to reduce the amount of waste going to local landfills. By educating residents in the Katraj and Baner wards to segregate garbage at their homes, employees helped cut waste sent to landfills by five tons and increased the quantity going to a biogas energy station by 150 percent.

“It is a very special feeling you get when you have the chance to make a little impact on the community,” said Pranjal Kelkar, an Executive Manager at Cummins India. “This was achieved mostly through changing the mindset of the community through various awareness campaigns involving more than 15,000 citizens and 15,000 school children.”



Here’s a look at the 18 projects named by a panel of company experts as the global winners of Cummins’ 2015 Environmental Challenge.

Eco-Creek for Green Taihu
Components employees in Wuxi, China conserved 8,400 kiloliters of water by cleaning the country’s second-largest lake. 

Green Han River
Employees from China’s Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company reduced 38,000 tons of sewage from pig farms by expanding biogas stations. 

River Tees Rediscovered
Near Cummins’ Darlington/Stockton site in the United Kingdom, employees from multiple business units protected species of birds, butterflies and insects. 

Micro Grid Clean Energy
In Ely, Minnesota (U.S.A.), Power Systems employees cut fuel use at an area nature preserve by 50 percent, saving 14.3 tons of CO2. 

Reducing Emissions
Components employees from multiple sites in India retrofitted 160 KVA generators used by community partners, reducing the particulate matter they release by 85 percent. 

Drop by Drop
Multiple business unit teams from Cummins Brazil Limited conserved 26,380 gallons of water by designing rainwater harvesting cisterns.