Modern diesel engines require extremely clean fuel and lubrications to support the very precise equipment that helps engines run efficiently and reduces engine emissions and noise. Cummins Filtration has been an industry leader in both fuel and lube filters.


Cummins Filtration announced in February 2015 the release of the Fleetguard LF14000NN lube filter for Cummins ISX15 diesel engines. It is the Company’s first lube filter with NanoNet media, a patented polymeric nanotechnology- based synthetic media originally developed for Fleetguard fuel filter applications.


NanoNet filtration media removes and retains 98.7 percent of all particles as small as 4 microns (12 times smaller than the smallest particle visible to the human eye). That process is critical to keeping engines running cleanly and efficiently. 


“Many of the characteristics that make NanoNet media so successful in fuel filter applications translate well to lube filters,” said Brad Long, Senior Engineering Technical Advisor, Cummins Filtration. “By pairing NanoNet with our proven StrataPore synthetic media, we can offer a lube filter that’s suited to meet the needs of today’s advanced engine platforms and lubricants.”